Winter Training

Winter in the Cape means rain. Lots and lots of rain. Mostly accompanied by gale force winds. It also means that the sun comes up at 8am, and goes down around 5pm. That doesn’t leave much time for training – not if you want to run while it is light or dry!

But there are those rare mornings, when you get up as the sun is rising, and the world is bright and twinkly and washed clean. When you feel as if you are flying more than running, and that all is right and perfect. Those days don’t come along much, but when they do, I cherish every moment!

Training in winter is hard though. After work all I want to do is go home and have coffee and a biscuit, and training before work means running in the dark in peak time traffic – not too safe! But winter also means that there aren’t as many road races to choose from, and that trail running season has started!

I find it hard to be motivated if I don’t have a race, no matter how small, to work for, and trail races are perfect to keep me going in winter. The distances are short enough that I don’t have to put in loads of miles on the road, and the routes are spectacularly beautiful. I am also coming out of recovering from an injury (more on that in another post I think!) and am still trying to build up my mileage. Trail races means that I have lots of time for cross-training and yoga – the most important ingredients in not hurting myself again!

Tomorrow I am doing a 6k race on at Hillcrest Wine Farm – I have never been there, but it sits in the Durbanville hills, just North of Cape Town, so the views are going to be amazing I’m sure!

Trail running in the Winter also means lots of mud!